Your Complete Guide to Exploring the Historic Liberty Island


What is Liberty Island?

Liberty Island

Liberty Island is a small uninhabited island located in the Upper New York Bay, off the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City. It is best known as the site of the Statue of Liberty, one of the most iconic symbols of freedom and democracy in the world. 

The island's history dates back to the early 19th century when it was known as Bedloe's Island. In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated on the island, marking the friendship between France and the United States and celebrating the principles of liberty and independence. Since then, Liberty Island has become a major tourist attraction, drawing millions of visitors each year.

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  • Official name: Liberty Island
  • Address: Liberty Island, New York, NY 10004, United States
  • Date of opening: October 28, 1886 (Statue of Liberty dedication)
  • Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Statue of Liberty National Monument, which includes Liberty Island, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on October 15, 1984.
  • Number of visitors per year: Over 4 million 
  • Function: Historical Monument

Why Visit Liberty Island?

Liberty Island
  • Marvel at a national monument: Liberty Island is home to the Statue of Liberty, an internationally recognized symbol of freedom, democracy, and the American spirit. Get a good look at this iconic monument up close!
  • Step onto a historic site: Explore the rich history of the Statue of Liberty and its role as a welcoming beacon for immigrants arriving in the United States.
  • Take in breathtaking views: From the island, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, the New York Harbor, and the surrounding waters.
  • Pedestal and Museum access: Ascend to the Pedestal of the Statue of Liberty and gain insights into its construction, history, and symbolism. The Statue of Liberty Museum offers interactive displays, exhibits, and multimedia presentations that further enhance your experience.

Plan Your Visit to Liberty Island

Liberty Island

What are Liberty Island’s Opening Hours?

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Closed: Liberty Island is closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Last admission: Last entry to the Pedestal is at 3:30 PM and the last ferry from Liberty Island is at 5 PM.

Best time to visit: Weekdays tend to be less crowded compared to weekends, offering a more peaceful experience.

Liberty Island

Where is Liberty Island Located?

Liberty Island is located on the Upper New York Bay, off the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City. While the island is located in New York City, it is not directly on the mainland. It is situated in the bay, accessible by ferry from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan or Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

Address: Liberty Island, New York, NY 10004, United States | Find on Maps

Closest ferry station: Battery Park (New York) & Liberty State Park (New Jersey)

Things to Do at Liberty Island

Liberty Island
Liberty Island
Liberty Island
Liberty Island

Sculpture Garden

Take a leisurely stroll through the beautifully landscaped Sculpture Garden at Liberty Island. The garden features greenery, pathways, benches, and sculptures of significant people involved in the making of the Statue of Liberty.

History of Liberty Island in a Nutshell

Liberty Island

Liberty Island, originally known as Bedloe's Island, was named after Isaac Bedloe, a Dutch merchant who owned it in the late 17th century. It served as a military fortress location during the American Revolutionary War.

The idea of a colossal statue to commemorate the alliance between France and the United States and celebrate freedom was conceived by Édouard de Laboulaye, a French political thinker and abolitionist, in the mid-1860s. The Statue of Liberty was designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, with Gustave Eiffel assisting with the structural framework. Construction of the statue commenced in France in 1875 and was completed in 1884. It was disassembled, shipped to the United States, and reassembled on Liberty Island. The statue was then officially dedicated on October 28, 1886.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Statue of Liberty became closely associated with the welcoming of immigrants arriving in the United States. It served as a symbol of hope, freedom, and opportunity for millions seeking a new life in America. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge declared the Statue of Liberty a national monument. In 1984, the monument, including Liberty Island, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Liberty Island

The statue underwent major restoration works in the 1980s and early 2000s to address structural issues and enhance visitor experiences. A later addition, the Statue of Liberty Museum, showcasing the history and significance of the statue, was opened on Liberty Island in 2019.

Today, Liberty Island stands as a symbol of freedom and democracy, attracting millions of visitors each year who come to admire the statue, explore its history, and embrace the ideals it represents.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Liberty Island

Where is Liberty Island?

Liberty Island is located off the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York Harbor.

How do I get to Liberty Island?

You can reach Liberty Island by taking a ferry from Battery Park in Manhattan or Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

How much does it cost to visit Liberty Island?

Tickets to visit Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty start from $29.

How long does it take to visit Liberty Island?

Ideally, we suggest spending around two to three hours exploring the island, including the statue, the museum and the island grounds.

Is there a security check to enter Liberty Island?

Yes, all guests must adhere to a security screening process upon entering the island.

Can I bring food and drinks to Liberty Island?

Yes, you are allowed to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to Liberty Island. There is also a café available for dining options.

Are there guided toursof Liberty Island available?

Yes, you can book a guided tour of the Statue of Liberty to learn more about Liberty Island and its history.

Can I visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island on the same day?

Yes, you can visit both Liberty and Ellis islands on the same day.

Is Liberty Island wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Liberty Island is wheelchair accessible. Elevators are available to access the Pedestal levels and accessible pathways are provided throughout the island.